The pack


Joseph Beuys


Mediums: wood, felt, fat, industrial items.
Location: The Museum “New Gallery”, Kassel (Germany).

This sculptural work was placed in a separate room. “The pack” (or “flock”) form a wooden sledge. A felt rolled blanket is attached to each of them, as well as a flashlight, – it looks like an eye or an object needed by a rescue squad. Twenty-four couples of “rescuers” in the form of a team are landing from the back door of a Volkswagen minibus of 1961. The sleighs are equipped, in addition to felt, with the second important item from Beuys’ iconography – a piece of melted lard. A jacket and an additional blanket complete the composition – they are attached to the ceiling. Joseph Beuys personally installed the sculpture in 1976. Despite the impressive volume, three years later it was reproduced in the New York Museum of Solomon R. Guggenheim as part of a large retrospective exhibition of the works of the German artist; in 2005, it was exhibited at the Tate Modern Gallery in London.