One field to the next one - SKETCHLINE



One field to the next one


Joseph Kosuth


Mediums: panels, text in ten languages.
Location: Taipei Main Station, the subway line of Taoyuan International Airport (Taiwan).

Renowned conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth created this public work of art for the new highway of Taipei International Airport. The author drew inspiration from the story “Running Mother” written by Taiwanese writer Guo Songfen. From the poetic story concerning the past of Taiwan, Kosuth selected and presented episodes-quotes in the original language – Chinese. They constituted the core of the physical form and content of the work of art. Then translations were made into ten other languages, including Japanese, English and French, and also placed throughout the composition. The design of the work resembles the traffic flow at the station. Conceptually, the artist sought to emphasize the connection between the work and its architectural and social environment.