Corner counter-relief - SKETCHLINE


1914 - 1915

Corner counter-relief


Vladimir Tatlin


Mediums: wood, copper, wire.
Location: The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (Russia).

The idea of ​​counter-relief goes back not only to the works of Picasso, but also to the Technical manifesto of the futuristic sculpture of W. Boccioni. The Italian futurist encouraged painters to separate real objects, placing them into environment. The corner counter-relief reflects the dynamism of modernity, with various intersecting lines moving in different directions, creating rhythm and tension. The way in which the object covers the corner (the place for icons in the Slavic tradition), changes the space of the room, creates a unique attitude to the environment. Diagonal wires resemble a musical instrument and, of course, are inspired by the experience of Tatlin as a bandura player.