Untitled (Gray concrete floor surface) - SKETCHLINE



Untitled (Gray concrete floor surface)


Joseph Kosuth


Mediums: сoncrete, glass, silk-screen lettering.
Location: private collection.

One of the innovative works of the artist from his early and important period. Joseph Kosuth introduced a concept that he continued to use and develop, and later retrospectively labelled it as a series of “Proto-Research”. Like in his neon installations, the artist compares the textual description of the object with its physical counterpart. Each of the four glass square panels has one word with silk-screen printing in the center. They are sequentially located on the surface; when looking at the gray concrete floor and at the same time on separate words, the viewer catches the author’s concept-idea. It lies in the visual difference between the description of the object, its image and the same sense of both options. The work was sold for $ 204,000 at Sotheby’s London in 2007.