Marc Chagall


Mediums: oil, canvas.
Location: State Museum of Modern Art, Paris (France).

With this and two other paintings shown at the exhibition of students of the school of E. Zvantseva, a long creative biography of Chagall began. His religious symbolism, close to mysticism, is impressive. The painting with a diagonal perspective in dark tones that intensify the feeling of irrevocability of loss depicts poor outskirts of the town (possibly Vitebsk). The street itself is black, and if it weren’t for candles and bare legs, it would not be easy to discern the dead person on it. The plot is full of oddities – pots with flowers fall, a man who looks like half a shadow runs away, a shoe (a shoemaker’s sign) is drawn in the bright sky; a mysterious violinist sits on one of the roofs. The street character is more understandable – a janitor sweeping the street: life goes on.