First floating art center Fluctuart in Paris

Thursday, Sep 26 — 6:15 pm

Street Art Center opened with an exhibition of a Brooklyn artist Swoon (Caledonia Kerry). Also, the art space exhibits 15 works by Banksy. The area of a three-story Flactuart is 1,000 square meters. The architecture of the art centre was taken up by Gerard and Mathieu Ronzatti, the founders of SEINE DESIGN, an architectural studio that designs water structures. Prior to this, architects designed the first off-Paris Seine floating hotel in Paris. The French businessman Eric Philippon invested $ 4 million in the museum. The motto of the art centre was inspired by the Paris motto “Fluctuat nec mergitur”, which translates as “Swims but does not sink.” The art centre will have a bar and a bookstore on the ground floor and a rooftop cafe, which will cover part of the expenses.
You can rent the space of the private party. Rental of premises for events starts from 3,500 € before taxes.

Working hours: 12:00-00:00